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Neptune Plastics
» Neptune
... Tips, Tubes, Plates

Biotix offers a complete line of plates for high throughput PCR and related lab procedures. All PCR plates are molded from high performance polypropylene and feature precision formed thin walls for efficient heat transfer. Plates are available with optional color-coding in both a skirted and non-skirted version for use with robotic handling equipment. For researchers that like the working volume of a tube but prefer the convenience of a plate we offer a chimney stack version of our popular 96 well plate. Compatible with many of the latest thermal cyclers on the market, our Neptune™ brand PCR plates are available in both a 96 and 384 well format with optional sterility. Please refer to our plate selection chart in the downlkoad pdf file for specific thermal cycler compatibility.

For larger working volumes, we offer a line of Neptune™ brand specialty plates. These plates are designed with working volumes greater than 0.65ml and are ideal for cell culture and storage applications. Our 1ml plate is ideal for archiving and sample storage, as well as use as a mother plate in applications such as DNA sequencing and ELISAs. With our Neptune™ brand Megatiter™ plates you get the 96 well format with the largest working volume, a complete 2.2ml per well. All of our storage plates adhere to the SBS standards for footprint and are compatible with many of today’s automated laboratory workstations.

Skirted 96 Well PCR Plate
Our Neptune™ brand skirted 96 well PCR plate is designed to meet SBS standards and work in automated robotic systems. The low profile and thin wall design minimizes condensation and evaporation associated with dead space while providing efficient heat transfer. Crisp and bold black printing makes sample identification easy to read and locate. The plate features an area for labeling or bar-coding to facilitate plate identification. Plate is compatible with a majority of the thermal cyclers on the market.
  • Meets robotic automation standards
  • Compatible with many of the thermal cyclers on the market
  • Bold lettering for easy identification
  • Area on skirt for plate labeling and bar-coding
  • Autoclavable (121°C for 15 minutes at <15psi)
Cat# Description Type Quantity
3432 Skirted 96 Well PCR Plates Clear/Non Sterile 50 plates
2412 PlateSeal Tape for PCR Non Sterile 100 sheets
3427.8 8 strip caps Clear/Non Sterile 125 strips of 8
Semi-Skirted 96 Well PCR Plate
Our new Semi-Skirted 96 Well PCR plate is compatible with a variety of thermal cyclers on the market, but was specifically designed for use with Applied Biosystems™ thermal cyclers and DNA sequencers. Incorporating a thin wall tube design for efficient heat transfer. Bold lettering allows for easy well identification and the plates skirt allows for bar coding and plate labeling. The plate features a raised rim design along the perimeter for alignment of purification plates.
  • ABI™ compatible
  • Robotic system compatible
  • Area on skirt for bar-code labeling
  • Alpha-numeric grid for well identification
  • Compatible with many of the thermal cyclers on the market
  • Autoclavable (121°C for 15 minutes at <15psi)
Cat# Description Type Quantity
3442 Semi-Skirted 96 Well PCR plates Clear/Non Sterile 50 plates
2409 Optically clear tape - 2mil thick   100 sheets
Non-skirted Full Profile PCR Plate
Biotix’s non-skirted 96 well PCR plate is molded to a standard size 8 x 12 grid design making it compatible with many of the 96 well thermal cycler blocks on the market. A thin wall design ensures efficient cycling times resulting in high quality PCR reactions. The plate design incorporates raised rims to ensure a complete seal. Plate can be easily cut into strips or a variety of other configurations to meet your research needs.
  • Bold printing for easy identification
  • Easily cut - Plate can be customized for strip use
  • Raised rim design for efficient plate sealing
  • Autoclavable (121°C for 15 minutes at <15psi)
  • Compatible with many thermal cyclers on the market
Cat# Description Type Quantity
3430 Non-Skirted 96 Well PCR Plates Clear/Non Sterile 50 plates
3431 8 strip caps Clear/Non sterile 125 strips of 8
2412 Plate Seal Tape for PCR Non Sterile 100 sheeets
Low Profile 96 Well PCR Plate
This plate is ideal for users who prefer an non-skirted style plate that can be customized. Molded from virgin polypropylene this plate can be cut in strip formats for runs that do not require 96 reactions. Plate features an easy to read alphanumeric grid and thin walled tube design.
  • Easy to read alpha-numeric grid
  • Easily cut - Plate can be customized for strip use
  • Autoclavable (121°C for 15 minutes at <15psi)
Cat# Description Type Quantity
3438 Low profile 96 Well PCR Plates Clear/Non Sterile 20 plates
Volume too low on microtiter plates? With Megatiter™ plates you get the largest working volume of any 96 well plate. The Megatiter offers the working volume of a culture tube and the convenience of a 96 well plateformat. Each 2.2ml well has a conical bottom for easy sample retrieval with both 8 and 12 multichannel pipettors.

An alpha-numeric reference grid is molded on each plate for easy sample identification. Made from clarified high density polypropylene. Megatiter™ plates are autoclavable and stackable.
Cat# Description Type Quantity
2405 Megatiter™ plates Non Sterile 24 plates
2405.S Megatiter™ plates Sterile 24 plates
Minititer™ 0.65ml
To ensure maximum sample recovery, Biotix has developed a new 0.65 ml deep well plate that features V bottom wells. The raised rim well design offers a secure seal and helps prevent cross contamination. This plate is
manufactured from virgin polypropylene. The SBS standard footprint and durable sidewalls work smoothly with your laboratory robotic workstations.
Cat# Description Type Quantity
2406 96 well 0.65ml minititer, polypropylene Non Sterile 50 plates

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