About Recombinant Proteins and Cytokines

What kind of manipulated proteins are being manufactured by the Recombinant DNA technology and how these are different in various generations?

Recombinant Proteins is a type of manipulated protein that is usually produce in variety of ways to get a large number of proteins, manufacture certain useful commercial products and to modify genes. Specialized vehicles that are being used for the production of these recombinant proteins are known as vectors. Basically, these proteins are encoded by a gene and recombinant DNA that helps in supporting expressions of that particular gene and further translating that mRNA by recombinant DNA technology to express that mutant protein. Different recombinant proteins are being manufactured in three different types of generations. So, the first generation proteins have native structures and the second generation proteins are composed of improved properties such as PK, specificity, bio distribution and minimal side effects. Moving on to the third generation proteins that have new formulations, novel routes of administration and also they are quite safer and represent higher efficacy as well.  

How cytokines are involved in immune system of our body with respect to it’s various types?

Cytokines are those proteins that are involved in the immune system whether it’s innate or adaptive. These proteins were known as a product of immune cells that could act as a mediator and a regulator of certain immune responses. Apart from this some cytokines are also being produced by the cells that are not involved in immune system but they can have bad effects on such non- immune cells. These proteins are the messenger proteins that helps in carrying messages from one cell to another in order to initiate immune response and also alters the cell respondents towards different conditions. Different types of cytokines that are produced by the body are:

  1. Colony  stimulating factors that helps in the production of red blood cells,
  2. Interleukin that plays a great role in the growth and development of immune cells and also helps in stimulating the production of chemokines as well.
  3. Growth and differentiation factors that helps in the development and immunoregulatory unctions. Lastly the TNF- alpha which is also a type of cytokine and it facilitates the growth of immune cells to a greater extent.

How the inhibition of NEK6 recombinant protein can cause the death of the cell?

NEK6 active human recombinant protein is also very useful protein that is a member of NEK family of protein kinase that has an amino terminal catalytic domain and it is required for the mitotic progress human cells. Basically this protein is phosphorylated and activated during the M phase of the cell cycle but it can be inhibit by the over expression of an inactive NEK6 mutant that ultimately arrests the cells in M phase to trigger apoptosis.

For how much time we can stable the NEK6 proteins in the laboratories?

We can easily store these NEK6 recombinant proteins for more than 6 months by storing them at -80’C.

What are basic applications of these recombinant proteins?

These recombinant proteins are basically used for various purposes such as:

  • Study of Enzyme Kinetics
  • Screening of the inhibitors
  • Selectivity Profiling