Biotinylated rabbit antibodies anti human gene proteins


How the Gentaur biotinylated rabbit polyclonal antibodies are different from others?

These antibodies are quite different from the others because they are prepared by using proprietary immunization schedules that produce high affinity and effective antibodies that are surely unmatched quality. Purification of these antibodies are usually done by affinity chromatography and also by using cross reactivity that are interactive enough with the specific labelling.

These antibodies have some unique key features that distinguished them from others:

They are affinity purified, ultrapure and also they have high affinity as compared to other antibodies.

These antibodies are thoroughly adsorbed against serum and also against immunoglobulins from other potentially interfering species of interest. Also; these antibodies are basically supplied in the form of solution.

Moreover, these antibodies can be easily and effectively used for the cell staining procedures and also for the tissue staining.

These antibodies can also identify both heavy and light chains so in order to ensure the safety.

In order to ensure the maximum degree of labelling without even compromising the affinity of the antibody as well.

What is the specificity of the biotin rabbit anti-mouse conjugate?

Before any conjugation this polyclonal antibody is firstly raised in rabbits against the whole molecule of IgG molecules and then it is further purified by using antigen affinity chromatography afterwards it strongly react with all the mouse IgG heavy and light chains accordingly. The reactivity of this human IgG is very much minimal or absent due to its absorbance in human serum proteins.

What should be the storage requirements for these antibodies?

These antibodies should be stored at 2-8 C and also these products should be used before the expiry date. It should be used within 6 months.

What are the basic properties of the rabbit anti human BVR polyclonal antibodies?

Detection of these biotin conjugates can be detected by horseradish peroxidase, anti biotin conjugated antibodies and alkaline phosphatase conjugated antibodies. Moreover, avidin and streptavidin binds effectively to the small biotin and also it couples to HRP or AP for the Elisa. Apart from this to break the streptavidin biotin bond it is suggested to use only six molar guanidine HCL solution with a pH of 1.6.

What’s the basic specificity of the rabbit anti phosphothreonine polyclonal ?

These antibodies detects proteins phosphorylated on threonine residues and also it doesn’t cross react with phosphotyrosine.