HIV p24 Elisa kit

What is the basic use of HIV Elisa Kit?

HIV Elisa Kit is use for analyzing the presence of some HIV antibodies these kits targets on the analytes present in any blood sample of the individual. Indeed these kits are ready to use microwell, strip plate that are significant enough to detect antibodies. Moreover, these kits have a concentration gradient that helps in detection of the HIV in the given samples. Two things that are most important to get to know in this kit is firstly the HIV-antibody and HIV-antigen interaction that plays the major role and the second one is colorimeteric detection system that helps in detecting certain HIV antigens.

What’s the principal involved in these kits?

These kits are based on sandwich enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay in which antigen is firstly pre-coated on different 96 well plates. Biotin labelled antigen is basically use in this process as a detection antigen that helps in clearly identifying the results. Moreover, in this particular technique standards, test samples and biotin labelled antigens are added in the wells and a wash buffer is use to wash them subsequently. At the end different colours are obtained that helps in the detection of the results.

What kind of enzymatic markers are being used in such kits?

Four most common types of markers that are being used in such kits are:

  • TMB (tetramethlybenzqdine)
  • ABTS (Azinobis 3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulphonic acid)
  • PNPP ( p-Nitrophenyl Phosphate Disodium Salt)
  • OPD (o-phenylenediamine Di hydrochloride)

What type of antibodies are being used in these Elisa kits?

Frequently HIV 1  p24 antibodies are used in mouse for certain research purposes but it’s use in humans has not been approved till yet and not even in clinical diagnosis. These antibodies are purified by size exclusion chromatography and the preservative used in these antibodies is sodium azide.Different other antibodies are also being used in different species such as goat, guinea pig and rabbit etc.

What should be the storage temperature for such type of antibodies?

Storage temperature for such type of antibodies should be 4’ C.

What are the alternative names for such antibodies?

The alternative names for such antibodies are:

Human immunodeficiency- virus type 1 p24

Capsid protein p24

Human Immunodeficiency virus 1

How Elisa is being used in human anti-Tat igG immunoassay?

For the measurement of antibody production in human immunized with HIV Tat protein and also in case of HIV infection Elisa has been used for the qualitative and quantitative determination of anti-Tat igG concentrations in human serum.Basically Tat are considered as a regulatory protein that has an effect on disease progression as it makes it slower and also inhibits the replication of virus that is causing the disease. Apart from this Tat monocite-derived dendritic cells that takes up Tat helps in its maturation and also in antigen presenting functions.