Neptune Filter Tips

Neptune Bt Barrier Tips Filter Tips for Pipetting

What kinds of features are present in the Neptune Barrier tips?

Neptune Barrier tips are typically manufactured from virgin polypropylene and certain other high density polyethylene filters that provides superior consistency and ensure against aerosol contamination. Moreover, pipet tips are manufactured from already recycled polypropylene. All these trays can be easily autoclaved that enables the users to reuse plastic waste by upto 90%. Apart from this these trays have superior stability, maximum space is provided by it’s perfect design.

What are the basic characteristics of Neptune filter tips? Also describe their types accordingly?

Neptune filter tips are perfectly appropriate for any kind of laboratory process. These tips are pre-sterile and tested to be free of:

  • DNase and RNase
  • Endotoxins
  • Human DNA
  • Various types of filter tips are being introduced by Neptune it includes
  • BT10 10 micro litre filter tip
  • BT20 20 micro litre filter tip
  • BT100 100 micro litre filter tip etc
  • All these tips are quite unique due to following features
  • These tips are quite eco-friendly due to it’s racks that are designed to take less or minimum plastic consumption.
  • These tips are effective in insertion and also in easy injection as well.
  • Last but not the least it’s S3 technology assures the highest recovery of the samples.

How Neptune tips are quite different from other commercially available tips?

Neptune tips are quite distinctive from other Tips because protection of the work is quite amazing with these tips as it ensures that there will be no contamination in the samples. Moreover, the filter tips of Neptune also allow aerosol filters that prevent samples from any sort of aerosol transfer that gives the researchers full peace of mind.

Apart from this, it also helps in giving reproducible results in minimal time and also it doesn’t require more effort in that. Another plus point in these tips is that minimum amount of sample can be easily loaded in these tips with no loss as well.

Non filter Tips

Neptune also offers certain non filter tips that are effective in giving results with certain distinctive properties

  • Hi tech S3 polymer pipette tips are efficient in eliminating sample retention
  • Friendly packaging of Neptune can allow you to reload 10 trays in just 9 seconds that is quite
  • useful in performing various experiments
  • Reliability of results can be obtained because these tips are certified free of Dnase, RNase and