Antibodies for EBOV detection


How diagnosing Ebola is a great challenge in the recent world?

Ebola is quite tough to be diagnosed at early ages of infection because its symptoms are quite unspecific at first due to which its diagnosis is quite difficult. Moreover, common symptoms of this disease are typhoid, malaria and fever as well. So, there is a huge need of test that could be easy enough and also affordable as well in order to diagnose the disease at early stages.

Write some characteristics of the monoclonal antibody to Ebola virus?

This antibody has some specific applications that allows it to be used in Western Blot and ELISA as well. An optimum working titre is always required to be used in each and every laboratory. The concentration of this antibody should be 4.6 with a purity of greater than 95% that could be determined by SDS PAGE.

This antibody has a high molecular weight band that is between (110-120 kDa) under non-reducing conditions only and under reducing condition it has 30 kDa protein band that is also quite distinguishable.

What makes the Anti Ebola Surface Glycoprotein different from others?

This anti body is highly specific in its binding that allows it to binds to the Ebola Virus surface glycoprotein in its conformation (GP1+GP2) also it helps in recognizing the protein epitope  where the clamping of several regions of the pre-fusion occurs at the chalice base .

What are the specific applications of this glycoprotein?

This antibody is highly specific as it neutralizes the Zaire eboavirus in vitro and also it further offers protection in rodent models from lethal EBOV challenge. Moreover, it has minimal effect on the viral pathogen city  in certain non-human primates. By preventing the arrangement of the GP2, KZ52 neutralizes  by blocking host membrane insertion of some fusion loops. Apart from this IgG KZ52 can sterically hinder the access to the RBS or even it can separate the binding sites of different other cellular factor specifically whenever there is another site for different other attachment events.    

How many types of antibodies have been detected for Ebola till now?

Five antibodies have been detected for Ebola these are: A wide range of antibodies to the Zaire can be detected easily and also certain antibodies against Sudan and Reston Strain are also being developed. Bulk materials can also be provided