The use of Bovine Serum in Normal Cell Culture

Why is Bovine Serum used in Cell Culture?

Fetal Bovine Serum is used for Cell Cultured by laboratories as a culture Medium additive

that helps creating the right environment for cells to grow. Moreover, the fetal bovine

serum is the most widely used serum that has high quality of carrier proteins, hormones and

different other macromolecular proteins that helps in in-vitro cell culture of normal human

and mammal cells as well as cell lines. More specifically these serum additive helps in the

rapid growth of embryonic cells that are being transferred to the DMEM culture medium.

Apart from this these fetal bovine serums are being used from many years in order to clone

various animal cells. Fetal calf serum is also being widely use in different cell culture

applications due to its large variety of growth factors, cytokines and nutriments and also due

to low level of antibodies present in it that makes it more effective and efficient. Inactivated

bovine serum albumin is used in certain research applications and tests that need

inactivation of antibodies and treated by heat inactivation in which the serum is particularly

exposed to 56’C temperature for 30 minutes under different controlled conditions. Also

Serum albumin of other species like Mouse, rabbit, hamster, horse can be used.

What serum for cell culture contains?

The serum of these species contains all those proteins that are not involved in blood clotting

factors because it doesn’t contain any sort of blood cells either white or red. Also, these

serums have high level of electrolytes , antigens , hormones and different exogenous

substances that includes microorganisms and drugs that helps in the growth of the cells in

in-vitro conditions favourably.

Furthermore, Malondialdehyde modified bovine serum albumin is also a principle and the

most useful product in different research activities because of its functionality. These

products helps in a way that when it reacts with the cellular macromolecules like proteins,

DNA and RNA it reacts with DNA to form certain adducts in the form of deoxy guanosine and

deoxyadenosine that can be harmful and mutagenic so this property allows it to be used as a

marker of lipid peroxidation in different experiments that increases its usability in the field

of biotechnology to a greater extent.

Why Bovine Serum is used in laboratories?

It is used to grow cells better due to the presence of valuable cytokines, growth factors and

serum proteins that are effective in the growth of various eukaryotic cells in laboratories.

 What should be the pH of the medium containing bovine serum albumin?

The pH of the medium containing bovine serum albumin should be between 6.5-7.5 that is an optimum pH for such type of medium.

 For short and long term storage of malondialdehyde modified bovine serum what

What temperature is required?

Malondialdehyde modified bovine serum can be stored for longer and shorter time periods at a specific temperature of 4ºC.