Tissue Array

Tissue Array

Can we use tissue micro-arrays for multiplex histological analysis?

You can analyses a lot of different patients in one IHC slide

What does tissue microarrays contain?

It contains multiple tissues in one slide of parrafin fixed samples to be used in Immunohistochemistry.

Can we do a quick analysis of molecular markers associated with the diagnosis/prognosis of diseases using tissue microarrays? This is the easiest and fastest way to find new markers antibodies for IHC, Immunohistochemistry.

What are the advantages of using tissue microarrays?

The number of different samples available in one glass slide is the main advantage. Sometimes the samples are too small to recognize intact organs.

What is the shelf life and storage conditions for tissue microarrays?

At room temperature the arrays can be stored forever.

For which applications/ techniques can we use tissue microarrays?

Fish, cish, monoclonal and polyclonal antibody staining, target retrieval of antigens for Immunohistochemistry.

How many sections can we cut from each microarray block?


What are clinical tissue microarrays?

Gentaur supplies age, race, gender and clinical condition of the tissues in the macro array.

How a tissue microarray is constructed?

With a manual Tissue Microarray construction Kitt for paraffin tissue microarrays or a Microarrayer.

How tissue microarrays are different from DNA microarrays?

They are 1000 000 larger

Why do we use tissue microarrays? To test simultaneously a large number of related samples of different patients under same conditions.

Can we use tissue arrays to measure protein, DNA or RNA markers?

Yes, Fish, Cish probes, mono and polyclonal antibodies are used.