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Laboratory Reagents


What is RPMI?

It is a modification of McCoy′s 5A medium (or RPMI 1630) for cell culture

What stands RPMI for?

It is the abbreviation of the Roswell Park Memorial Institute where it was developed in 1966

What is the purpose of RPMI?

It is used for Lymphocyte growth but also for adherent cells lines and normal cells.

Can we use the RPMI medium for adherent and lymphoblastoid cells?

Both normal or cell lines of lymphoblasts or adherent cells are cultured with RPMI

What is the pH of the RPMI medium?

The pH is basic at 8 containing phenol red

Which cell types can be cultivated using RPMI medium?

Both normal and cell lines of all Eukaryote cells can be cultured with and CO2 incubator and RPMI

What are the unique characteristics of the RPMI medium?

Vitamins, amino acids, glucose and salt. Gentaur supplies also RPMI without Tyrosine or Glutamine or Methionine.

How does the RPMI medium differ from DMEM and EMEM?

RPMI has more Glucose and less Calcium, EMEM is the most diluted Basal Medium Eagle with even less glucose, vitamins and amino acids than DMEM.

Does the RPMI medium contain lipids, proteins or growth factors?

No only Vitamins, amino acids and salts with Phenol red as pH indicator.

What are the storage conditions for the RPMI medium?


What CO2 percentage is recommended for the RPMI medium?

HEPES is a goods buffer with pKa and keeps 5 % CO2 at pH8.

Should we supplement the RPMI medium with fetal bovine serum?

For most cell cultures the FBS is used as growth factor source.

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