Mouse Genomic DNA

Mouse Genomic DNA

Why we use mouse genomic DNA?

Mouse Genomic DNA is an universal external standard qPCR.

Should we avoid repeated thaw cycles while using mouse genomic DNA?

Yes the DNA will be degrade by the freeze thaw process.

What is the difference between cDNA and Genomic DNA?

cDNA is made from mRNA and displays no exons. cDNA studies the Transcriptome while Genomic DNA the Genome inclusive exons.

What are the storage conditions for mouse genomic DNA?


From where do we isolate mouse genomic DNA?

Most form mouse tails but also from mouse ears.

Is mouse genomic DNA suitable for genomic analysis, genomic library construction, and southern blotting? Whole genomy hybridication expetiments are performed with mouse genomic DNA.

What is the molecular weight of mouse genomic DNA?

A single DNA base pair (bp) is 0.65 kDA. This means that 1 mol of mouse DNA is over half a kilo, 650 grams! That’s big.

Does the mouse genomic DNA cause inhibition of restriction enzyme activity?

The excess of DNA will dilute too much the enzymatic reaction.

Is mouse genomic DNA suitable for PCR

It is the international gold standard for PCR

Is mouse genomic DNA free from contaminating RNA and protein?

Gentaur genomic mouse DNA 260/280 ratios is less than 1.8, while the 260/230 ratios are higher than 2.0. RNA often is 60-80% of the DNA in homemade genomic mouse DNA samples, so you drastically overestimate your DNA content using fluorometry. Better use Gentaur genomic mouse DNA as international standard.

What is the storage buffer for mouse genomic DNA?

Gentaur uses Tris-EDTA and 10 mM Tris-HCl, pH8.5 at 25ºC for extraction.

What is the pH of mouse genomic DNA?

Neutral pH