How does lentivirus integrate?

Gentaur sells ready to use lentiviral particles for direct endocytosis. The RNA is released and transcribed into cDNA that in the nucleus will only integrate into dividing cells. We also sell the plasmids and with HEK293T cell to make your own and titrate the quantity.

Why do we use lentivirus?

For dividing cells its an easy way to integrate DNA

What is a lentivirus transfection?

Lentiviral particles need  a lipidic solution like transfectin or purefection or purefectin to integrate into the cellular membrane of eurcatiot cells

Is HIV a lentivirus?

Both HIV- or FIV-based lentivector expression constructs are known

Can lentivirus become endogenous?

Germline transmission or Endogenous RetroVirus (ERV), is the integration into the genome of the host. This is used to bread knock-in  or knock -out mouse depending of the place and DNA integrated.

What are the main restrictions on a lentiviral transfer plasmid?

Gentaur Produces the lentiviral particles in a BL2 for security reasons. These restrictions will be raised in 2022 due to our proprietary 4th generation packaging.

What is the difference between 2nd generation and 3rd generation lentiviral systems?

Second generation Lentiviral particles are made from one psPAX plasmid that expesses all HIV gag, pol, rev, and tat genes. For the 3th generation lenti particles construction different plasmids are used in Hek293Ts.

Can lentiviral plasmids be used in direct transfections as opposed to making a virus?

Yes transduction uses a lipidic transfection and no virus. Just use a lot of plasmid and by over presence it will express.

What safety concerns surround the use of lentiviral vectors?

There are cased of wild endogenous lentiviruses but this is very rarely reported. Till than for second generation plasmids a BL2 is preferred.

Can lentivirus be used to make stable cell lines?

The best way to study long-term protein expression is to order your stable cell line from Gentaur that expresses your gene of interest.

Can we use a lentivirus to introduce a new gene into human or animal cells.?

This is called germline transmission.

Can lentivirus infect both dividing and nondividing cells?

Lenti-Easy Expression System allows production of replication-incompetent

3rd generation lentivirus that can stably transduce both dividing and

non-dividing mammalian cells with high efficiency.

Only dividing cells are easy subject to infection.

What is the packaging capacity of lentivirus?

All Packaging plasmids need to be present, encode the virion proteins, such as the capsid and the reverse transcriptase. Another plasmid contains the genetic material to be delivered by the vector.

Can I extract the vector directly from the lentivirus particle?

No, you need to order separately the plasmid vector and particle from Gentaur. The particle being easier and cheaper because the plasmid can be multiplied infinitely.

How many cells can I infect with the amount of lentivirus provided?

transduction units (TU) per milliliter. 1TU = 1 infectious particle, so if 106 TU are used to infect 106 cells, then the MOI = 1. If 5 x 106 TU are used to infect the same number of cells, then the MOI = 5.

What are the advantages of lentivirus particles?

Particles can be immediately transducted, they are correctly titrated, you do not need a BL2 environment they can be used in any lab.

Which bacterial strains should be used for cloning and producing lentiviral plasmids?

E. coli MDS42 clearly outperforms DH5α and TOP10 and is equivalent or better than STBL3 at both 29° and 36°